Arabian Nights with 6" adjustable chain $275
There are a thousand and one reasons to claim this subtle blend of colors for your special equine. The unusual pairing of deep rose and smoky teal looks exquisite on virtually any color horse. Maroon, rose, teal and golden stones have the sparkle of starlight. Like the muted shades of twilight, this collar is mysterious and romantic at the same time.


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Tuscan Sun with 6" adjustable chain $275 
Brilliant copper and burnished gold reflect the golden warmth of the Tuscan sun in this captivating equine presentation collar. The thick tassels swing alongside gold colored coin and enamel dangles and because sunshine needs shadow for contrast, the Tuscan Sun is highlighted with black accents. From the carnelian colored jewels to the black and gold centerpiece, it positively shimmers.

King's Ransom with 6" adjustable chain $275

Golden yellow and silver grey combine to make this a collar fit for royalty (or royally bred). The traditional key pattern popular in ancient civilizations carries thick silky 3" tassels of gold and silver every inch across your horses chest to attract light and focus. Silver set clear crystals are offset with yellow-gold and grey trim. This collar delivers a major punch with an enormous diamond-like jewel in the center that anchors a bejeweled silver-grey tassel of royal proportions.

Cleopatra with a 6" adjustable chain $275
One of the most legendary women in history left a heritage of strength, intelligence and beauty…traits you want to emphasize in your special horse. Legends aren’t timid. They require bold colors. The bright turquoise and gold border compliments the silky rayon tassels. Gold-toned embellishments and turquoise jewels are spaced along the length of the border and culminate in an eye-catching tassel. This collar is a standout, particularly on black or bay. Like its namesake, the Cleopatra leaves a lasting impression.

Parfait Amour with 6" adjustable chain $275 
There’s nothing so delicious as rich, dark chocolate and perfect sweet cream. Imagine draping your horse in this striking contrast. Accenting it all are white and smoky gems. Parfait Amour combines two indulgent colors into the perfect blend to spotlight your gorgeous horse and create a lasting image of luxurious decadence.

Twilight with 6" adjustable chain $275

The muted tones of a soft summer eve combine in this thrilling combination of champagne, silver and black. Hearty black trim provides an interesting backdrop of shape and texture for the chunky metallic silver braid that glistens on top of it. Sparkling champagne colored jewels provide a dramatic juxtaposition of shadow and shimmer that looks regal and rich. 100% silk tassels of black, silver and champagne are a chunky addition to a collar that adds the allure of the witching hour.