Rosebud 34" with 6" adjustable chain 
If you're looking for a vintage look, the classic tan and rose-colored Rosebud is perfect. Soft rose pink and warm tan tassels and braid are flattering to most horse colors. The light warm pink jewels hand-stitched along the braid make it elegant and the beaded double tassel centerpiece is made glamorous with a showy pink-jeweled center medallion. Just because it's pink, don't be afraid to try it on your "boys". A memorable look is all about color combinations that are flattering and contrast well. The Rosebud will look good on nearly any color horse.


Pinot Noir 34" with 6" adjustable chain $135
Wine dark amethyst accents contrast with the 100% silky rayon fringe in a warm golden cream to create a lush contrast that will compliment any horse.  A beaded double-tassel hangs below a rich jeweled centerpiece in varying shades of lavender.  But the real uniqueness of this collar is the alternating purple drop jewels and ball trim.  Opalescent and violet jeweled accents are hand-stitched for added security.  Every movement makes this one of a kind piece dance.

The Bondi 34" with 6" adjustable chain $135
 The brilliant green and aqua of The Bondi is a tribute to the amazing beauty of Australia's famous Bondi Beach.  Not only do the turquoise beads shimmer but crystal rhinestone trim adds a sparkle like sunlight on the water.  To everything beautiful there must be contrast and this collar has it with a deep, rich brown that is the perfect foil for most horse colors.  The 100% rayon tassels are 4" long giving this collar a substantial impact when worn on a beautiful horse.  The highlight of this piece is the turquoise colored gemstone that's surrounded by dozens of clear crystals to make this a true show piece. 

Mystic 34" with 6"adjustable Collar $135
The colorful details on the Mystic make this a truly exceptional collar. Golden colored tassels contrast with a triple layer of braid and fringe. Rich, emerald green is surmounted by a gold gimp braid. Rainbow, opal-type jewels in a rose gold colored mounting are hand-stitched along both sides of the Mystic. A large rainbow-colored Swarovski crystal hangs in the center to draw the collar into its characteristic V with elegance. For a beautiful contrast, put the Mystic on a sorrel/chestnut, buckskin, palomino or black horse.


Bacchus 32" with 6" adjustable chain $125

As the Roman God of Wine, Bacchus ruled over a lot of good times.  This rich purple collar will be sure to add to the party atmosphere when your horse shows off in this stunning display of amethyst, lilac and grape hues.  Lavender beads dangle over dark purple fringe and are topped with a deep, rich purple trim. Amethyst colored gems set in a silver colored mounting are hand-stitched along the border and finished off with a burst of multi-hued crystals in purple hues for a really stunning centerpiece.

Into the moonlight 28" with 6" adjustable chain $125

This collar packs a big punch for a small size.  The black fringe compliments light colored or reddish-hued horses and is offset by a sparkling teal green border.  Adding to the Moonlight's charm are hand-made glass beads that shimmer with a moon and stars embossing.  Finishing off the gold-trimmed collar is a center jewel that drops nearly 3" with a opalescent gleam like mermaids who have swum into the moonlight.

Chisholm-32"  $125

With feathers in the center and silver/copper tone conchos, the Chisholm lives up to its name. It embodies the thrill of vast, open spaces.  Rich coppery-brown tassels are the perfect foil for the subtle shades of silky fringe.  Any color horse would be resplendent in the neutral colors of the Chisholm.

Roaring 20's 33" with 6" adjustable chain $135

The large clear sparkler at the center of this collar is surrounded by jet black rhinestones that draw the eye in a bold statement of glamour.  Although edged in rich tropical pink, the pink lotus isn't necessarily restricted to mares only.  The thick black fringe gives it substance and strength. Lavender, green, orange and pink beads dangle and move with your horse.  To create a really strong impression go for a dramatic contrast.  Try this collar on colors you wouldn't addition to blue roan and greys, this looks fabulous on all reds.

Valhalla 34" with 6" adjustable chain $135
The metalwork on the centerpiece of the Valhalla gives this truly an epic look.  Like Viking traditions of the north, the Valhalla is a mixture of strength and poetry.  Bold black fringe accents a taupe, white and black background.  Diamond-like crystals carry the bling along the border to the withers.  The silver, crystal and black centerpiece is stunning and would accent nearly any color horse and make a bold statement.

Sunrise 34" with 6" adjustable chain $135

We named the Sunrise after the rich golden hues of an early morning day.  The 100% rayon tassels are shiney as a sunrise and the bold lavender trim glows against it.  Light purple jewels are interspersed along the braid trim to shimmer and shine.  The centerpiece is a warm golden jewel stitched above a hand-made dangle of lavender "stones" and crystal spacers.  This is a stunning presentation collar.  Pick a horse, any horse, and the Sunrise will make it shimmer and shine.

Princess 28" with 6" adjustable chain $125 

What filly wouldn't sparkle in this silky cream tasseled color?  The pink border has a rainbow array of tiny sparkles accented by vibrant hot pink jewels.  To create a truly lasting impression of the special filly or smaller mare in your life slip the Princess on her and watch her look truly regal.

Midnight Orchid 32" with 6" adjustable chain $125

The Midnight Orchid collar takes its design inspiration from the hand-made collars made for dessert-bred equine like Arabian and Andalusian horses.  The wrapped beads and golden coins were elements originally intended to not only be attention-getters to show off a valuable horse but also to move and provide protection from pesky hot-weather flies.  This is a much more glamorous version, with shimmery coins and caramel-colored wrapped beads that hang from a lilac trim over a thick multi-colored fringe.  Finally, the purple center tassel is hand-wrapped with golden chain and topped with lilac jewels.  Try this contemporary version of a dessert collar on your palomino, buckskin or sorrel horse for a truly spectacular look. 

Killarney 33" with 6" adjustable chain $135

Want the "luck 'o the Irish"?  Try the Killarney on your horse and get carried away with the Blarney of Killarney.  Beautiful cream and green braid edges this collar on top and bottom.  Hand-stitched pearls accent the green braid.  The thick cream-colored fringe is interspersed with hand-beaded dangles of green beads and pearls.  Finally, a brilliant green jeweled centerpiece and generous green tassel make the Killarney a beautiful adornment for a chestnut, black, bay palomino or pinto.

Malachite 27"  with 6" adjustable chain $125

Anyone who's ever seen the rich deep greens of this semi-precious stone falls in love with Malachite and this collar is sure to be a crowd-pleaser as well.  The vibrant green bullion fringe contrasts beautiful with every color but to make sure your horse is really a stand out, we've added a shimmer of silvery pewter to catch the eye.  Handmade dangles of steel grey, silver and crystal are sewn at intervals among the ball fringe to sparkle and shine along with charcoal crystals.  The centerpiece of this collar combines the elements of diamond-like crystal jewels with pewter gems for a really striking combination.

Aruba 30" with 6" adjustable chain

The Aruba combines the brilliant turquoise of the Caribbean with shimmery sandy grey tassels for a look that is as classic as a first class Caribbean cruise. Beautiful turquoise jewels are sprinkled along the border and hand-made turquoise and silver dangles alternate with the tassels to make this collar as sparkling as the deep aqua waters that surround its namesake. The center medallion is a cluster of beautiful turquoise jewels. Remember, contrast makes a more attractive overall picture. Picture the Aruba on reds, blacks or pintos to really make an image that pops.


Silver Lining-34"  $135

Not a cloud in sight with this sky blue collar.  It features contrasting sizes of silver and blue tassels for double the impact with the slightest movement.  A silvery braid shines against the blue border and the sky blue color is picked up again in the pale blue gems that sparkle across the top.  The center medallion is made of top quality clear crystals that really glisten.  Let your black or sorrel horse model this for a memorable contrast.