St. Petersburg 37" with 6" adjustable chain $145

Invoke the glamour of old money and Imperial Russia with this elegant black and gold collar.  Silky rayon tassels alternate with hanging diamond-like crystals that simmer with every movement.  Black maribou feathers are the crowning glory to this unique collar.  It is finished with a beautiful crystal center jewel. 

Monarch 38" with 6" adjustable chain $145
Deep burgundy jewels glimmer against a rich velvety border of maroon and gold trim, and no well-dressed Monarch would be complete with out the shimmer of gold.  Ours is spaced between the burgundy jewels to lend sparkle and shine.  Silky ivory tassels gleam against the rich maroon and gold to give a lightness to the deep jewel tones for a balance that strikes just the right chord.  Your horse will look truly royal in the Monarch.

Emerald City 35" with 6" adjustable chain $135
This deep emerald green collar epitomizes the frivolity and magic of Oz.  A substantial 4" green bullion fringe is overlaid with a creamy interlocking ball fringe and topped with a silver and crystal trim.  Each emerald and crystal beaded drop is hand-made and stitched for security so it can swing in the sunlight.   Finish it off with a real sparkler in the center and you have an eye-catching accessory to create a truly memorable image of your show horse.

Sun stone and Sea Breeze 38" with 6" adjustable chain $145
Sun stone and Sea Breeze flatters most color horses with its rich chocolate, copper and turquoise accented with a bright green. The tassels are 100% rayon which gleams the brightest in natural and/or artificial light.  Turquoise colored gems contrast beautifully against light or dark colors.  It is accented with genuine semi-precious Sunstone which glistens with internal sparkles in the light.  

Margaritaville- 38" with 6" adjustable chain$145
Everybody loves a little lime!  Margaritaville combines bold lime with a multihued fringe of gold, blue, purple, rose, lime and brown to provide a brilliant contrast for this collar.  Custom copperish brown balls dangle from the silky lime border to ground the brilliant background colors.  No one will miss the flamboyant lime green crystal centerpiece and matching tassel as it lights up your sorrel, black or palomino horse.

Twilight 37" with 6" adjustable chain $145
The rich blue of Twilight is enhanced with delicate crystal and blue jewels which contrast spectacularly with the gleaming silvery gray rayon tassels.  The centerpiece of silver-tone, white and blue provides an elegant focal point.  This collar looks terrific against not only black or white but contrasts beautifully with red-hued horses like chestnut or bay.

Medieval times 36" with 6" adjustable chain $135

Description coming soon!

Victorian Elegance 36" with 6" adjustable chain $135
Capture the luscious tradition of days when a beautiful horse was the image of prestige and status.   This collar has a unique cross-braided fringe in shades of red that contrasts beautifully with the black and gold trim.  Add to that, the rich look of hand-stitched gold, ruby and diamond tone accents and you have a one of a kind collar that screams elegance and tradition

Voodoo- 37"  with 6" adjustable chain $145
Let this black magic take you to your happy place.  Brilliant turquoise braid is the perfect foil for the unique black and diamond crystal trim that creates a border for matching black tassels.  The richness and drama of this collar is finished off with a huge crystal centerpiece that not only catches the eye but shouts "look at me" on a black and white, chestnut, sorrel, grey or buckskin horse.  Let this one work its magic on your show horse.

Pewter and pearl 37" with 6" adjustable chain $145

Rich silvery grey ball tassels shine and shimmer against thick black fringe in a color combo that really pops.  A beaded border of pewter, silver and gold is braided across the top. The centerpiece is a large pearl mounted in a pewter setting.  This color looks magnificent and elegant on any colored horse and will really pop on a buckskin, palomino or gray. 

Aztec 35" with 6" adjustable chain $135
The Aztec is truly a one of a kind look.  Without any "bling", it enhances and flatters most horses.  The golden tan fringe moves subtley and adds elegance to the bronze colored metal accents.  Each are inset with a bright orange coral "stone" that are augmented by dozens of hand-stitched matching beads along the top.  Try the Aztec with pinto, bay, sorrel or palomino horses for an unforgettable look.

Triton-38" with 6" adjustable chain $145
Imagine all the riches of the sea captured in a single location.  Shades of ocean blue combine with the golden brown of the sand to sparkle for you in the Triton.  Ivory and gold fringe allow the blue and teal border to lap at its edges.  It is offset with a bronze ribbon and impressive center tassel.  For a shimmering sunshine reflection on the water, this piece has a large golden crystal center piece and matching golden crystals spaced along the length of the collar.  Finish off this sparkler with 2.5" bronze and blue beaded fringe and you have the look of legends.

Tara- 36" with 6" adjustable chain $135
Find the gold at this end of this rainbow of Irish greens with a collar that really "pops".  The sunny golden yellow and two shades of green tassels are unusually thick and full.  Glamourous gold braid backs the lush green border that tops the tasseled fringe.  For additional sparkle and shine, gold medallions run the length of the collar and a clear crystal and gold tone centerpiece glistens in the sunshine.  Literally any horse looks fantastic in these colors